German Media Studies / Arbeitsstelle Literarische Filmpraxis (ALF)

German Media Studies is concerned with issues associated with the filming of literature, cross-media and adaptation aspects and also considers current trends in media convergence. Part of the German Media Studies division is the film editing and archive unit (Arbeitsstelle Literarische Filmpraxis, ALF) established in 2007. This unit serves as the promotion and mentoring of young research talents and offers training in theoretical and practical media-related skills in association with the teaching of German, with a focus on film analysis (including media skills for German trainee teachers). ALF offers undergraduates and PhD candidates supervision of project-orientated assignments (e.g. research and seminar papers) in the field of German Media Studies.
By way of technical facilities we offer:

  • one film editing/production station
  • recording studio
  • two viewing areas

Currently extant in our archive are more than 1,500 recorded items (DVDs and VHS cassettes). The focus of the collection is as follows:

  • film adaptations of literature and international feature films
  • films of the avant-garde
  • films about gender issues
  • quality television productions